Monthly Archives: March 2013

Collaborative Seeing Studio

Prof. Wendy Luttrell is one of the faculty members associated with the Collaborative Seeing Studio.

Luttrell was mentioned to me this week by one of my supervisors and her work associated with visual sociology has a definite link with the work that I am developing for my research, mainly through the importance of image in the research process.  Of particular interest to me on the Collaborative Seeing Studio website was their diagram related to the notion of ‘larger social forces’.  I have included it below:


This circular diagram provides a direct link with aspects of social theory and aligns our practice with our environment.  Luttrell’s diagram links the image in the center with the peripheral influences of ‘social forces’ by mapping out the in-between stages including: conditions for participation and social policies (like immigration).  Definitely a diagram that will keep the brain thinking …